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January 9 & 16


February 6



   TSUNAMI RELIEF:  Your church is there. 

1. Through Church World Service, your church was there with the first responders!

2. We're asking, "How much of my gift really gets there?"  Typically, good relief agencies have 20% or lower administrative cost.  Because of church structure and funding, administration for relief work is already paid from somewhere else.  More of your gifts gets to where it's needed.

3. Visit www.ucc.org or www.globalministries.org or www.churchworldservice.org for the latest.


            Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            It isn't often that I write between mailings, but the events of this week cannot wait for our attention.  As I drove to the Church Center this morning, I heard that the death toll in the wake of the tsunami that hit in the Indian Ocean basin had risen to 56,000 and was continuing to climb.  What shocked me even more was the projection that more than one million people were homeless and had no food or access to medical care.  The radio commentator said that the largest relief effort that world has ever seen was being mounted in response to this crisis.
            Many of you have already received email appeals from a large number of organizations, including our own United Church of Christ.  I want to remind you that giving through the church constitutes one of the most efficient ways to help and to be sure that your money is being wisely spent to help the most people. 
            I am asking you to consider several actions even though I know this may be a "light attendance" Sunday in some churches:
            1.  Please remember our brothers and sisters in all of the affected countries in your pastoral prayers.  We have special ties with churches in places like Sri Lanka and India, but of course we pray for all people of all faiths wherever they have been affected.   I know you have and will continue to do this.
            2.  Please consider inviting special gifts to aid this relief effort.  You may send them through the Penn Central Conference, marked Asian Tidal Wave Relief and they will go directly and in full to the relief effort being sponsored by the UCC and Church World Service.
            3.  Check frequently for other ways you can help.  You can get up to the minute details of relief efforts either through www.ucc.org or through www.globalministries.org.  Keep your church up to date. 
            One of the things I love best about the church in general and the United Church of Christ especially is our great sense of compassion in the face of the world's desperate needs.  I know for sure that we will be among the leaders in responding with a loving, helping hand to this crisis of historic proportion.  May God bless us all richly in the new year and always.  Peace and grace, 
                                             The Rev. Dr. Marja Coons-Torn

                                                                Conference Minister
                  Penn Central Conference United Church of Christ


Christmas Joy Gift Tree

 58 gifts sponsored!  Thank you!


"Habitat for Humanity"

We're still saving aluminum cans
to build houses that become homes!
To date:  45 bags!



Local Ministry

Welcome Bread for new friends

Discretionary Ministry offers direct assistance for persons in need.

Baskets of Thanks: community food help at Thanksgiving.

Christmas Joy Gift Tree: gifts for community children.

Christmas Party for residents at the State Hospital.

Refugee Sponsorship 2000 & soon again


Tom Edmunds calls for bids at the Goods & Services Auction




Wider mission partnership

United Church of Christ

Penn Central Conference United Church of Christ

Harrisburg Association of the United Church of Christ

United Church of Christ Homes, Camp Hill, PA

Bethany Children's Home, Womelsdorf, PA

Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, PA

Christian Churches United, Harrisburg, PA


Relationship with UCC Missionary Alison Stendahl,

teaching in Istanbul, Turkey




Special mission support

Central Pa. Food Bank, Harrisburg, PA

YWCA Women's Shelter, Harrisburg, PA

Church World Service:  Crop Walk & Tools of Hope


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