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  "I call you my friends!" 


   With these parting words, Jesus redefined the relationship with his disciples. 


   "No longer are you just my followers. I call you friends."  What a great privilege, and solemn responsility.  The privilege is to be welcomed into the inner circle, to have access to the Holy One, to be honored with a holy relationship.  The responsbility includes partnership in a very precious gift.


    A little boy announced he was going door to door to collect a million dollars to help the victims of a recent earthquake.  "That's a big job to do all my yourself!" said his mother.  "Oh, I'm not doing all by myself.  My friend Joey is going to help me!"


  Friends help; but sometimes, friends lose contact.

  Friends support; but sometimes, friends have a falling out.

  Friends love; but sometimes, friends disagree.


  What's the status with your best friend?


  Max Lucado says, "Jesus climbed on the cross, stretched one arm out to the right, and the other out to the left, and said, 'I love you this much."


  What's the status with your Best Friend?


  Christ seeks holy friendship with you and with me.  Christ never fails or lets us down.


  That's good news!



 The Brooks Prayer Garden 


You're invited!

 Seeking to sense the Divine in your life?

    Seeking a fresh start with God?

    Seeking a community where people rejoice for a very present God?

Let's talk.

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