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 An Old Church

  Founded 1791 as Wenrich's Reformed Church.

  Worship held on site as early as 1760's in a log schoolhouse. 

  First worship by Scottish (Presbyterian), then English (Anglican), then

  German (Reformed and Lutheran) settlers.  Thus an ecumenical heritage!


  Historic cemetery includes

  Native American Sioux Princess

  Whitefeather (Mary Eaglefeather



  A union church from 1792 to 

  1952, the two congregations 

  shared the historic building. The former sister congregation is now

  Christ Lutheran Church, Linglestown.


 A Connected Church

  A member congregation of the United Church of Christ, we profess

  Jesus Christ as Lord.  We practice freedom of belief, worship and expression

  of faith.  As member of the living Body of the Risen Christ, we cherish

  friendships with other congregations and traditions.  We are called to

  demonstrate our love of God in loving service to others. 

  We believe God is still speaking!


 A Growing Church

  St. Thomas counts it a privilege to welcome new friends and grow in 

  faith together.  The congregation has grown from 400 to 500 members since 

  1993.  The Linglestown area grows rapidly.  

  A brand new Central Dauphin High School is just down the road. 


 A Building Church

  The 20-pew sanctuary dates to 1857.  Additions followed in 1959, 1981

  and 2000.  We are planning for a building addition.


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